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KovářskáThe Village Kovářská (Blacksmith) is one of the larger community, a population 1259 inhabitants. Blacksmith is an interesting tourist destination. It lies at an altitude of 800 meters, was founded in the 14th century near the hammers. Their existence today show only coal, which is a remnant of the ironworks and blast furnaces, which used to stand in those places. An important monument documenting the history of the village is dead and the Swedish Palouk monument to the Battle of the Thirty Years War, relating to the great battle Swedish and Austrian troops in 1641. Another war museum reminds air battle over the Ore Mountains along with a monument before the school day and this Sept. 11, 1944, when in the vicinity of the village played a big air battle in which American bombers clashed with German fighters and shot down more than 50 aircraft. The Village Blacksmith, however, offers much more. On arrival in the village can see the chapel. Mark. In the center of the village is the Baroque church. Archangel Michael from the year 1710, before Marian Column. Ruins of the intersection of roads reminiscent of a castle ruin, but it sheds the last remnants of the demolished blast furnaces. After a trail walk to the old lime kiln and the limestone quarry. Small and Great Spicak and Stone Hill are places with a beautiful view.

Kovářská letecký pohled Kovářská letecký pohled