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Loučná pod Klínovcem

Loučná pod KlínovcemThe first written mention of the village Loucna its original name Wiesenthal (Meadow Valley) comes from the 1431st
Village Loučná under Klínovcem is mainly recreational place. He lives here only 124 inhabitants. But there are many recreational facilities. In his will certainly come tourists, cyclists, but most skiers, who leads Klínovecká slopes almost to the village. Cycle paths lead to the Czech side as well as in German. Beautiful dominant borders form a meandering stream Polava. As the name suggests, the village, Loucna is dominated by the Ore Mountains, Mount Klínovec (1244 m). Loucna lies at an altitude of 900 meters. Immediately adjacent to the German Oberwiesenthal (project partner). Opening of border crossing for pedestrians in 1995 to take advantage of sporting and social facilities on both sides of the border, caused an even greater commercial activity (in Loučná is a large market place). In the center of the village is an interesting baroque town hall dating from 1784, are also some interesting half-timbered buildings. In the municipal office building is the Gallery Gustav Zindela, Chomutov famous painter who lived in Loučná since 1949 and was among other things, a local historian.

Loučná pod Klínovcem - letecký pohled