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Nordic Walking Routes in the Ore Mountains - region of Chomutov

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červený okruhTour: From the Ladies' Loučná 3 km
Attractions: view of the surrounding slopes Female route leads through the slope 

modrý okruhTour: The borders reach 6 km
Attractions: route leads to national borders, meadow and forest roads

žlutý okruhTour: The beauty of the Ore Mountains length of 9 km
Attractions: beautiful views of the surrounding Klínovec


oranžový okruhTour:  Around Lime 8 km
Attractions: view Palouk dead, Swedish memorial, former lime works, the proximity of the air battle over the Ore Mountains

zelený okruhTour: Bird Alley length 10 km
Attractions: views of former smelter, peat, top supers, the proximity of the air battle over the Ore Mountains 

hnědý okruhCircuit: sphinxes 5 km
Attractions: Sphinx rock formation, views of the valley between Ore and Doupov mountains and river views Ohře 


světle modrý okruhTour: Between the woods around 10 km length
Attractions: views of the Ore Mountains, Hill supers, měděnecké pits, ponds, Mezilesí, U Paloučku, view of the hill Špičák